Friday, January 18, 2013

Ombre hair


Hello loves,
Sorry I haven't been posting in quite some time. I just came back from a slightly longer winter vacation, which was quite amazing! 
Here are some of the fun and a bit crazy things I did this winter ;)

1. Ombre hair

Because it was such an amazing time I decided it was time for a new hairstyle. Thus, I went for an 'ombre' hairstyle, which is basically dip-dyeing your hair. 
You can directly do it yourself, but still, I would recommend going to a stylist or hairdresser. 

Here is a great site I found for you regarding Ombre hairstyles:

Ombre Hair
Ombre Hair
What do you think? 

2. Go skiing

What would be a winter vacation without a little snow? :) 

Before skiing
The Carpathian Mountains 
3. Wear a fluffy hat

Winter is just about the only time you can actually wear fluffy things...Here is your chance :) 

4. Wear a BLAZER ;)

I developed a love for blazers this winter, I just couldn't get enough of them. They look amazing on everybody and add a pair of jeans to them...and your outfit is just great! 
What do you think of blazers? :D

Blazer 1

Blazer 2

5. Go out for coffee every morning 

Don't you just love the city in the morning? I think it's one of the best moments during a day... just watching and simply enjoying a coffee before your day starts ;)

How was your winter vacation? What did you do? I'm eager to know :D