Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vancouver - My love ♡

Vancouver - My love ♡

To be honest, I never expected Vancouver to grow on me so much. 

Since May 2012 I am missing that city like crazy! Have you ever been to Vancouver? I'd love to know all your opinions! :) 

I was in Vancouver during a study trip. Next to amazingly nice and friendly people, I had the occasion to visit the city...and I officially fell in love. Now, you have to understand that whilst living in the's not that easy to pick up your stuff and just go do Canada for a week. So, everything was carefully planned and organized. 

After a 10 hrs flight...THERE IT WAS: VANCOUVER

Here, I would like to post a top 10 of the things I loved in Vancouver. Let me know if you think something else deserves to be in my list :) 

10. Burnaby Village Museum

The Burnaby Village Museum is a great attraction if you want to experience the 20th century way of living. Houses and shops are decorate as they used to be at that time and actors give life to characters of that period. You learn how news papers were printed, how mechanics worked and how normal people were living back in the old days. 

For more info, just visit their website:

9. Jericho Beach

If you adore nature, then this place is incredible. You have a beach, the sea and far off the mountains  I mean, all in one spot, can it get any better? 

8. China Town

Now, I have to admit that I am obsessed with Asian food, the spices, the recipes, the taste, I simply can't image not visiting the China Town in Vancouver. Have a look at the small shops and everything they are selling and since you're already there...TRY OUT THE FOOD! :) 
7. Restaurants - Sushiiiiiii (Just had to be here!! :D )

Personally, as much as I like all kinds of food, I love sushi! And my favorites are the california roles and the unagi maki. There is this great place in Vancouver called MOMO SUSHI were I ate almost every day...Great food, great price and very very very fresh ingredients ;) 
6. Whale Watching

From Steveston you have the opportunity to go on a Whale Watching tour. Make sure however you go during those periods when there are actually any whales to see. Don't get me wrong, the view actually the entire trip was great and the nature is just beautiful, but you do pay to see whales...and the price is not quite cheap. After not seeing any whales at does feel a bit disappointing. Nonetheless, if you have the money and the time and are a bird-watcher or you just adore nature...then definitely go for it (although there might be cheaper alternatives)! 
5. Canada Place

When you are here you have this amazing view! My favorite view!

4. Stanley Park

Huge! Huge! Huge! You just can't get bored here. Get a bike or walk...just if you go to Vancouver just plan a day for Stanley Park!

3. Japadog

Ok, haha maybe I am a little bit of a food addict, but those Japadogs! Those Japados!!! Maybe it was just me...but mine tasted like sushi :))

2. Gas Town

The Old Steam Clock, beautiful cafes. What I liked was that this is the only not-modern place in Vancouver. If you want a taste of vintage... Go to Gas Town ;) 

1. Capilano Suspension Bridge

Well, I think the most breath-taking turist attraction in Vancouver is the Capilano suspension bridge and the rain forest around it. I was amazed by now big those trees are. It makes you wonder why we keep cutting trees. The air was so fresh and cold at the same time. Just refreshing! 

This is what I loved most about Vancouver. 
Have a great night darlings! 

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