Friday, October 26, 2012


Summer of 2012! This summer I went to Istanbul!! This huge city everybody told me to visit, so this summer I did. I was there for a week and since I like site-seeing I covered pretty much the entire touristic area...Well if you are asking why I didn't adventure to non-touristic parts...what can I say, as much as I love adventure I was a bit afraid, to be honest. But, no reason not to get a pick at those areas, if you see fit.

You have to know that I had HUGE expectations of Istanbul. I wanted to go there for so long and I was really eager when I saw the city in fornt. I took this trip with my brother and we were driving to Istanbul and when we finally entered the city...we were stuck. We covered those 15-20km to the center of Istanbul in 3hrs!! I swear I have never seen such a traffic jam...and funny thing...a traffic jam with all sorts of transportation modes: cars, carts a couple of sheep now and then. Finally we arrived at the hotel... and that was a bliss!

That being said I was very enthusiastic about the food...which didn't disappoint at all ;) The people are very nice and helpful, and somehow they seem to know all possible languages, especially the vendors. 

In my post about Vancouver ( I made a top 10 of things that I liked best there. I think I'll do the same's easier to keep track of everything this way. So, top 5 of ISTANBUL!

So...there it goes:

5. Grand Bazar

The Grand Bazar is typically for tourists. I didn't really like it, but since you're in Istanbul and well... it's one of the most famous's also on my top 5 list :) 


4. The Food: Baklava



3. Sultanahmed & Hagia Sofia

2. Palace Topkapi

 Palace Topkapi is really a great touristic attraction. The architecture is amazing...and let's face it...where else can you see a HAREM? :D
Schedule a day for the palace, especially if you are interested in its history as well. 

1. The Bosporus

To see the Bosporus you have to take a small ferry. It's absolutely fabulous! The houses...Oh I wish I could live there! Aaaaand the sea...its color...Just have a look at the picutures below and you'll see what I mean :) Enjoy!

What did you like most about Istanbul? Let me know! Xx

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