Saturday, January 11, 2014

Foggy Time

Hi Loves,

I know I've not been posting for a while regardless of all the reasons of why it goes. Let's start the New Year in good faith. So, I went home for Christmas...and for two weeks...I actually hoped it will snow and I will get to wear fluffy white scarfs and hats...but that was not the case. I've experienced this terrible weather...fog...two entire weeks of foggy weather. You couldn't even see in front of your own feet. There I was looking for an outfit inspiration...and this is what it came to. My lovely cousin agreed to be part of this shoot as well...I actually loved the color combo she chose...made me very proud haha.

Hope you all enjoy the pics and if you have an idea on how to dress when the weather is foggy and grey...please share :)


Sweater - Tina R
Leather Legging - Stradivarius
Necklace - Zara

Blazer: Primark
Necklace: Accessorize
Watch: Armani
Bracelet: Pandora

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ombre hair


Hello loves,
Sorry I haven't been posting in quite some time. I just came back from a slightly longer winter vacation, which was quite amazing! 
Here are some of the fun and a bit crazy things I did this winter ;)

1. Ombre hair

Because it was such an amazing time I decided it was time for a new hairstyle. Thus, I went for an 'ombre' hairstyle, which is basically dip-dyeing your hair. 
You can directly do it yourself, but still, I would recommend going to a stylist or hairdresser. 

Here is a great site I found for you regarding Ombre hairstyles:

Ombre Hair
Ombre Hair
What do you think? 

2. Go skiing

What would be a winter vacation without a little snow? :) 

Before skiing
The Carpathian Mountains 
3. Wear a fluffy hat

Winter is just about the only time you can actually wear fluffy things...Here is your chance :) 

4. Wear a BLAZER ;)

I developed a love for blazers this winter, I just couldn't get enough of them. They look amazing on everybody and add a pair of jeans to them...and your outfit is just great! 
What do you think of blazers? :D

Blazer 1

Blazer 2

5. Go out for coffee every morning 

Don't you just love the city in the morning? I think it's one of the best moments during a day... just watching and simply enjoying a coffee before your day starts ;)

How was your winter vacation? What did you do? I'm eager to know :D


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays everybody!

Christmas is over...and it's almost time for New Years! 
How did you celebrate Christmas? 
I was home with the entire family. A classy Christmas story :)

I love coming home for the holidays...seeing everybody, catching up, having fun and just enjoy all that Christmas magic!

Here are some of my Christmas memories <3

My colorful Christmas tree <3

Trying on furry Christmas presents <3 
 Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow!

My mom and dad at Christmas <3

My totally cute and adorable cousin :)  

Before going out

I got the blazer for Christmas :D 

My cousin and my brother

How did you celebrate Christmas?

Happy Holidays everybody!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas present for him

Christmas Present for Him

Hello my dears!
Christmas is almost around the corner...and I need your HELP :) 
I didn't have the time to go shopping for Christmas gifts... YET. I am actually planning on going tomorrow before I am leaving for the holidays.
I want to get my boyfriend a great present. So, I was thinking of some gifts I could get him...but I can't really decide. This is my dilemma. 

What would you get your boyfriend for Christmas or what did you get him? What's the best gift for a guy? I would love to know all your thoughts.

Below is a list with a couple of things I was considering. 
I would totally appreciate your thoughts and insights on this :)
There are the things I considered: 

Fossil Bag
House of Marley Headphones
Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt
Tommy Hilfiger Tie
Nike Sports Watch
Ski Shades
The BodyShop Men's Health 
James Bond DVD Collection

I really need your help. Let me know which one is the best choice :) 

Lots of kisses

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rock Zone

Rock Zone 

Hello Loves,

I am so sorry for not posting anything new lately. I was really busy with my study, but really really REALLY busy. I guess you all know how it can get right before Christmas. Stress stress and some more of it. 

I was thinking of a rock outfit this time. 

So highlights for the perfect rock outfit are:

1. Black, black and some more of it. For the perfect rock party outfit go for a black dress, black jeans and a black statement top. In any case, back is key. 

2. Go for spikes! Either on your boots, shoes, jackets or necklaces...SPIKES give your outfit a glamourous touch! 

3. Central piece of your rock outfit should definitely be the statement T-shirt! A logo or a catchy frase in any color you like, ranging from gold-sparkling prints to neon colors. Personally, I am not a big fan of neon prints, but they do work in this case. 

4. Accessorize! 
Always important! 
Necklace, bracelets, rings and belts you name it! :D 

5. In general, I'd say go for boots, they're more comfortable than high heels and more 'rock' than flats. Pimp up your boots with spikes and there you go...the perfect detail to your look. 

6. Skinny jeans vs. the little black dress. 
Both work gorgeously, for my outfit I went for skinny jeans however that little black dress would do the trick as well. 

7. Leather
A leather jacket is perfect for chilly nights and it looks great with the little black dress, your skinny black jeans and the spiky boots :) 

8. Regarding your make-up: I recommend smokey eyes and red lip stick (Dior Addict Lipstick <3)

Here is the outfit I came up with:

Rock outfit


I was wearing:

Jeans: Only
Jacket: Zara
T-Shirt: Mango
Bracelet: Guess
Shoes: Nelly


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Casual Business Meeting

Casual Business Meeting

Hello my loves! How was your weekend? Tomorrow is a new Monday so I decided to post an outfit that will give some inspiration on how to dress for work/school/university/meetings. I have to say I actually wore this to a meeting at a study association assembly - so I will be posting some pictures of the meeting here too (I hope you will all enjoy them). 

Since this meeting required a slightly formal outfit than I would actually be wearing on a daily basis, I decided to go for, instead of a suit, a business white/grey dress and a grey H&M blazer. 

In general, if you decide to go for a formal business outfit I would recommend choosing neutral colors, perhaps black or white or grey. However, if you are a bit like me, thus a color-addict you'll see that black, white or grey can be slight monotone, so don't be afraid to add a splash of color. 

Below you can find a couple of hints regarding a great business outfit, while not overdoing it, on one hand, and on the other not ending up with a too tedious look ;)

1. Colors should not be too striking. I mean 'Legally Blonde' was great, but a pink business suit would probably be too much :) Let's face it, we work in a world where men tend to dominate the scene. Be classy and stylish, don't over-do-it

Sometimes, simple is the new sophisticated ;)  

2. Just grey or black or white can be a bit boring, so I say go for bold colors while accessorizing, HOWEVER don't use phosphorescent colors. I really, personally, don't like them and you are not going to a party or a club. Stay away from yellow, green or pink phosphorescent bracelets or concert tags. 

Use dark red, marine blue, cream general try pastel nuances, they always work. 

3. Regarding the fabrics, cotton (in general) is the best option. You can also use a silk dress or a silk blouse. Works perfectly! My dress is mainly cotton whist the upper part is lace. I don't recommend: WOOL and DENIM. Wool gives you a cozy look. You can use denim on a more casual basis.

4. One other important issue regarding a business dress or skirt is its length. Go for length that is either slight above or slight below your knees. Also, if you sit down your dress/skirt should not show your tights too much. 

5. Regarding lengths, one important issue for a proper business outfit is the cleavage or actually its absence. Girls, don't show cleavage, not at work! ;)

6. While accessorizing, try not to over-do-it. I know it's Christmas, but you don't want to look like a christmas tree :) 

You can accessorize nicely with a pearl necklace or bracelets, a thin belt or a nice broche

7. Always use closed-toed shoes. Flats feel more comfortable, but heels are also a good option. 

8. Regarding your hair, an up-do is always the better choice. I didn't go for it this one time, because I was working so hard on getting those perfect curls, so I left my hair open on one side ;)

Nonetheless I think an up-do will do the trick better.

9. Make-up. Always try to be as natural as possible. Be yourself! I am a huge advocate of natural make-up. It shows your personal features and your natural beauty ;) 

10. Be comfortable! That's the most important advice...if you feel good in your outfit, then nothing can go wrong!

Alright my sweeties, here are the pictures and I am looking forward to your comments!



During the meeting (guys...the beer was not mine :P)

The team I was working with the past year! They were all AMAZING!

A dear friend of mine, who btw is very very lovely <3

During the meeting.

Ready to give the floor to someone else :)
P.S. I love the contrast between the back suit and the red tie.

I was wearing:



PEaRLS and Belt







So, if I forgot anything regarding a business outfit, feel free to let me know :) 

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last Autumn Day

Last Autumn Day 

Since Autumn is over... I want to remember it with this outfit. I went to a garden party a couple of weeks ago so I don't actually have a lot of pictures, but have a look at it and let me know what you think of it.

I am very fond of the blouse I was wearing. It's a vintage blouse my mom bought when I was way younger and way no chance I could wear it back then, but she kept it and now it's one of my favorite pieces :) 

Here are the pictures:

I was wearing:

Blouse: Vintage
Skirt: H&M
Legwear: H&M 
Shoes: Bershka
Bag: Mango
Jacket: Stefanel

Let me know what you think :)